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Taxes are, well, complicated...

Not sure you prepared your taxes right using software or an online program?  Did you receive an odd "Important Tax Information" envelope in the mail and you're not sure what it is and where it goes on your taxes?  Do you have too many forms, a rental property, a small side business or other situation that requires a tax form you're not sure about?

Are your kids in college and you're not sure whether to claim the American Opportunity Credit or one of the other education credits?

Did you receive a tax notice or letter from IRS? 

We are available all year to help you solve your tax problems! 



Many small businesses use QuickBooks to keep track of their finances.  If you are using QuickBooks but aren't sure you're "doing it right," would you like some training?  We can provide one-on-one training and teach you EXACTLY what you need to learn for your company - and probably show you some cool, time-saving tricks too!  And for the after-the-training times when you're not sure you remember exactly what we showed you,  we can provide printed instructions with screen shots of QuickBooks and details of the point and click moves you need to make.

If you would like more info on QuickBooks training, please contact us or send an email to   We will be glad to give you a quote for exactly the services you need!